NEWS Not currently being maintained. Wed June 26th 2002
After earlier hosting problems, which resulted in the loss of the ULNG site for a long time, the site was moved to a new host, XBOLT.NET. However, I would like to announce that for the time being anyway, I shall not be maintaining this site. I simply do not have the time to update the content and answer all of the hundreds of emails that come to me generated by the site, so apologies if your mail has not been answered, it probably won't.
I would like to thank everyone who praised the site so highly over all this time, and to Future Publishing/Linux Format for making this site one of the top rated Linux Newbie sites in their opinion. I'd also like to thank the general surfers of the UK, who voted this site Number 1 in it's category (Software/Linux) for 2 months in a row at the UK Top 100 Web Sites.
I now work a seven day week and am physically tired every day, so I just don't have the spare time to update the site.
Apologies to all. Sayonara, for now.

Al, the webmaster ;)
Condolencies Saturday, September 15th, 2001.
It's ULNG update day again, and this week, whilst I have developments for Chapter 7 and maybe a few other chapters, I wish to let it be known that my heart is very much with the people of New York City, those in the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania and those at the Pentagon in Washington D.C, USA, following the devastating tradgedy of Tuesday, September 11th from 9:04 am.

You will be remembered...
New Hot Topic on It's way. Saturday, September 8th, 2001.
I remember my earlier days of compiling stuff and how it really annoyed me when things didn't compile. I'm writing a hot topic that hopefully will help you make things compile when that .tar.gz should really do what it says on the tin! I've already written more than half, so it should be up soon. You may notice that my only contributions to the site are on weekends. This is due to my lack of time at any other points.
I'm still getting tons of email about the site and I thank each and every one of you for all the wonderfully nice comments you are making, a big thanks to Diahron Grismore, Alan (on hotmail...whoever you are!) and Duncan Gauld. Oh and a big shout to the Edinburgh Linux Users group (please visit and Patrick (I think) at VA Linux, what an interesting life he leads.. visit for just an example of some of his work!

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide Version 3 Saturday, August 11, 2001
Well today an awful lot of work went into a design upgrade for the site. Visit to see what I mean.
Most of the links won't work yet, so don't expect much, but you'll get the idea on the design.
Chapter 10 Work Saturday, July 07, 2001
The only main chapter in the whole guide thats not completely finished yet should be finished by Sunday evening this weekend. The last parts of it will include using the chgrp command and utilising NFS.
Please keep your suggestions, comments, questions and hot topics flooding into the forum - and please let everyone you know about The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide!
Chapter 3 finished! Sunday, July 01, 2001
No, I'm not dead. I'm just very busy at the moment. However, I have squeezed in enough time today to finally finish chapter 3. This is great news, as I see Chapter 3, Installing your distribution, as one of the main chapters in the project. Chapter 3 covers issues like disk partitioning, hardware requirements, distribution differences, and that ever-important: Installation of Red Hat Linux 7.1. It contains screengrabs of the Installation procedure, step by step, making it a truly comprehensive guide to Installing an RPM based Linux distribution (not just Red Hat).
On other subjects, I am fully aware of all of your hot topic requests -- I'm getting quite a few through my email (about 4 a week! aaa!), and I am selecting the best ones. I will be doing them, it'll just take time, so bear with me!
Another new thing today, I have very slightly edited and uploaded a contribution from Robert Smith. You will find it in the Hot Topics section. It is a guide on how to use the free partition manager, FIPS to partition your drive.
I have not forgotten about the two existing hot-topics, Connecting to the Internet with KPPP and Using a CDRW Drive with Linux, and I will be working on both throughout the day today, and during next week.
Finally, a massive big thank you, to all of you who are offering your contributions to the site - they are so very much welcome. Thankyou all. You make it what it is.
NEW DESIGN! Saturday, June 23, 2001
Well, a big thanks to Robert Smith, the site has had an almost complete facelift. Please drop a message in the forum if you can, and tell me what you think about it.
Yet More Developments! Friday, June 22, 2001
Weeeeel! More great news fans! On looking at my stats today for, it appears that over 5000 of you lovely people have visited the site in just 4 days. This sort of popularity is exponential and is really making me think positive thoughts about the site!
For those who are interested, I hope to work this weekend on at least 4 things:
  • Creating a hot-topic on CD-Writing under Linux
    Making an effort to properly start Chapter 10, introducing things like what /usr /var /etc actually is as well in that chapter

  • Finish Chapter 3, Installing a Linux Distribution - You've probably been seeing small additions to this chapter over the last few days

  • Do more on Hot Topic 1, Using KPPP to connect to the Internet
    Don't forget that you can post messages on the forum and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

  • Robert Smith is designing a new look for the ULNG as you may already be aware, but he has done a substantial amount of work today, and if you want to, you can see what the site is going to look like HERE. Please post a message in the Forum to tell us what you think, good or bad. It matters a great deal to me!
    Finally, if you use the Konqueror or Internet Exploder 5 browser, you will probably be able to see my little ULNG icon for the site by your address bar or in the favourites list. Click here to see how it's done. is active as of today! Forget Geocities! Yay! Tuesday, June 19, 2001 is running from today! No more shalt thou see horrid Geocities banners!
    You, the visitors to the site (which is standing somewhere around 300 a day) have made this site what it is, and with each day it will continue to grow. This is just the beginning, having our own domains (.com and means that I'm serious about the site ('coz I'm paying for it now!).
    Today also brings 2 alterations:
    Firstly, I changed the logo to a plainer, more solid design, as you can see above.
    Secondly, and most importantly, you will be able to see on the left, a link that has replaced the SIGN GUESTBOOK and VIEW GUESTBOOK. I have replaced the poo-poo Geocities guestbook with a kick-ass PHP Forum. In here you can do many things, please visit the forum. This is *Hopefully* where a lot of discussion and development will take place. If you have any major linux troubles, post it there, and I or another linux person will try to help you! Please click the Forum now!
    Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide goes dot com! Monday, June 18, 2001
    S T O P   P R E S S
    Today is a very exciting day for the Ultimate Linux Newbie guide!
    1: I have purchased and which should be live by tomorrow some time. UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS NOW!!

    2: Paul Sumption has emailed me the complete contents of his web page. Merging should take place on or just before this weekend.

    3: I have decided to put in a new section called Post your Problems in the next few days. I am getting questions on fixing things for people on a daily basis now and I think it's probably best if these are posted. I will set up an email address specifically for this, but in the meantime, mail your questions to [email protected]
    Merger talks Friday, June 15, 2001
    Paul Sumpton and I are in talks of merging each others Linux Newbie sites, and putting our heads together to come up with a really kick-ass Linux Newbie Guide. I have had several emails from others, telling me that I should do this. Let me know what you think!
    Unprecedented feedback at's forum Tuesday, June 12, 2001
    After an unprecedented amount of feedback at Future Publishings' Linux Format Homepage. I have changed from the blue design that you all hated so much to the original 'aquafresh' white look. I also thank everyone else for their nice comments, which make me wanna keep on doing more to the site! -- keep 'em coming!
    Acclaim and Response to Forum Posting Monday, June 11, 2001
    Paul Sumpton sent me an email with a little bit of acclaim for my site, so thanks for that! That's the first bit of good news about the site so far. Paul has his own Linux newbie site which is quite similar to the ULNG. You can visit it at
    Jazzing Site Up Sunday, June 10, 2001
    You will have probably noticed that there are a few changes in the general look of the web page today. I'm sorta jazzing it up. I also submitted a link on the Linux Format web site forum for feedback on what people thought of the web site
    Making new stuff Friday, June 08, 2001
    I have been busy making new things on the site the last few days, like the Hot Topics bit on the left hand side, which will soon become a place for all the most popular and interesting guides and facts on Linux. If you want to see something in the Hot Topics section, then click on the link and fill out the form.
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